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Love – 2017

I Love Mom – 2015
Así se vive – 2012

Coming soon LA CONQUISTA

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Iván Yepes, known as GIVO, is a young rap and reggae artist from Bogotá. From 2006, Givo has been working on his first two musical projects with the goal of delivering music with professional content and with social impact through his art and the Hip Hop.

His first album Así se vive was released in November 2014. This album has 10 known songs, including: I love mom, Positive Style, Colombia, and Así se vive.

Givo - Así se vive

During these years of hard work and dedication, Givo has been known for including in his shows all Hip Hop artistic elements, in order to give differentiating factors to his melodies. Likewise, Givo stresses the importance of collaborating and supporting new new artists as guests and so, to give more scope to their musical proposals and the Hip Hop culture itself.

Currently, Givo is working on his second album LA CONQUISTA, which mixes sounds from the West Coast and the G-funk produced in Los Angeles in the 80’s, along with subtle sounds of Jazz, without losing the essence of the Rap Latino.

To carry out this project, Givo will be working with along with:

  • MC JC de Nocturnal Records – Music Production
  • Luis Miguel Zarate – Music Track Production
  • Carlos Silva – Mastering
Work Team:

  • Iván Yepes (Singer and composer)
  • Felipe Andrade (Sound engineer)
  • Andres Yepes (Second voice)
  • Fredy Herrera (Graffiti artist)
  • Janeth Chacon (Management and organization)
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